Mountainsmithis committed to creating durable provisions for every aspect of an outdoor adventure, on and off the trail.  Beginning with its lumbar packs in 1979, Mountainsmith products place emphasis on utility for those who prefer life outdoors.

In 1979,  legendary outdoorsman Patrick Smith founded Mountainsmith (Golden, CO) and began his designing legacy. He needed durable gear and accessories that could withstand the rigors of his backcountry adventures.

As his expeditions became tougher, longer and more remote, Smith realized that his usual commercial gear couldn’t keep up with his adventures—so he built his own and Mountainsmith was born. His iconic lumbar waist pack was the first ever to be patented in the US.

Whether it’s solutions for a backcountry trip, the gear closet, the office, a photo shoot, or even the dog, Mountainsmith provides highly functional options that stand the test of time. The brand is dedicated to its mission of improving the lives of athletes and outdoor enthusiasts alike, manufacturing durable, high quality products.

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